We understand your concerns regarding these new changes, and appreciate and value your business with Bitso, we are committed to provide you a service that conforms to the highest security and quality requirements. 

With this purpose in mind, we are required by law to make changes in the trading levels to comply with legal provisions, therefore, starting today you may find information that shall you must fill correctly in order to continue trading.

There are 3 levels within the platform, each of which have certain requirements to comply with, before upgrading to the next level, we conduct a “Know Your Customer” process and use it to verify the identity of our customers to prevent: Identity Theft, Financial Fraud, Money Laundering, among others. 

Below we explain you how the new limits work:

with enterprise accounts, limits may vary depending on the analysis of additional information that were to be required from Bitso and provided from the user. 

Subject to changes without prior notice. 

*Monthly Limit: Calendar month applies, until 12:00 hours Mexico City time.

*Maximum Balance: You may have this amount in your account as the maximum balance in MXN pesos. 

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