Cash Deposit at Convenience Stores through ComproPago

 To make cash deposits at convenience stores, click on the option of Funding with cash at convenience stores like Coppel



Enter the amount of Mexican Pesos (MXN) that you intend to deposit.

The fee for this kind of funding is 2.9% + 3 pesos over the amount that you intend to deposit, this fee is deducted from the total of your deposit. The “amount that will be credited” is the amount of money that will be credited to your Bitso account. Take into consideration that in addition to this, some convenience stores charge an extra fee for receiving the deposit.

Click on the convenience store in which you intend to make the deposit, then click on the “Proceed” button.


Follow the instructions on screen to be able to make your payment at the store that you selected. It is important that you deposit the exact amount that you selected in order to prevent a setback.

When you make a cash deposit by means of any of the convenience stores, you must deposit the exact amount for which you generated the voucher at Bitso plus the fee collected by the store for receiving. Example: if you generated a voucher at Coppel for the amount of $ 500.00 MXN, you must then make the payment for the amount of $ 509.00 MXN that includes the fee of the convenience stores, which is of $ 9 MXN to this day.

You can obtain the step-by-step instructions of how to make your funding by clicking on the “send instructions by SMS” or “Print Instructions” button.

¡Done! Your money will be automatically deposited to the Bitso platform when confirmed by the ComproPago network. This process can take 30 minutes to 4 hours.

On occasions, it may take more time due to delays in the network of ComproPago; you can review the status of your deposit on the following link, entering the number of the payment folio.

If you have any problem, please contact us by getting a help ticket from our Help Center, selecting the options "Problems with Funding” > "Cash (ComproPago)" > and the subcategory that best works for your problem.

Upon sending these requirements, one of our agents will follow up your ticket for a period of 24 to 48 hours, keeping you informed of the progress of your request.

The deposit sheets generated and not deposited expire after 48 hours, and expire after 4 days on Bitso. If you intend to cancel your deposit sheet to generate a new one, please contact our support team.