Make a Quick Purchase/Sale

 Log in to the Wallet/Balances option located in the upper-right part of your Wallet main page or go to it directly on “Convert”.

 Select the type of transaction that you intend to make, either Purchasing or Selling Bitcoins.


In the case of “Purchase” enter the amount in Pesos that you intend to spend, in the case of “Sale” enter the amount of Bitcoins that you intend to Sell.


Upon writing the required amount, the amount that you will receive will automatically appear underneath the caption “You will Receive Approximately“ (the minimum is 0.0032 BTC or 25 MXN).


The “Maximum” button enters in the box the total amount of Bitcoins or Pesos that you currently have in your account. Use it when you intend to purchase or sell your ENTIRE balance.

 When you are certain of the amount that you intend to purchase/sell click on the “Purchase bitcoins“ or “Sell bitcoins“ button.


¡Done! You made your purchase/sale satisfactorily and you will receive a small notification in the bottom-right part of your screen with the total amount of the transaction, in addition to seeing it immediately reflected in your balance. You can also verify the transaction in the history of your account.