If you placed an order in the “Book of Orders“ and such is still active and has not been completed, you can cancel it.

Find the “Órdenes Limitadas“ or "Órdenes Stop" box on the right side of the Exchange page; in this box you will see all your orders that have not been completed and are pending

Scroll with the Mouse and place it over the “Active Order“ that you want to cancel and click on the right side cross.

¡Done! The order will instantaneously disappear and the funds destined thereto will return to your balance.

Remember that you have to switch “Book of Orders“ depending on the Currency that you are using to carry out the changes that you want. In the upper-right corner you can find the “Book of Orders” that you are currently in.


Remember that each currency is handled individually and you may have “Active Orders” of different currencies; if the “Blocked in orders” caption appears in the “Balances” box, it simply means that you have active orders.