¿What is the API of Bitso?

The API of Bitso is a set of software tools that provide access to the Bitso platform; this means that if you are a developer of applications you can use the API of Bitso to obtain access to the information of the exchange, and that way you can make your program obtain data that will later allow you to, for example: make automatized purchase or sales, automatic withdrawals, applications that use Bitcoin etc.

To create a new API entry, click on the “Profile” link and select “API”.


In the main screen of “API” are your active entries; if it is the first time the box will be blank. Click on the “Add new API” button.

Select a “nick name” for your API to identify it quickly, that way you can also enter a Bitcoin automatic withdrawals address.


¡Done! Your API entry is registered and ready for use, you just nedd to enter the “API Key” and “API Secret” data in your third party application in order to give them access to your account in our platform.

Remember that you can edit and eliminate your API entry whenever you like, by clicking on the Edit (green) and Delete (red) buttons.



In case of requiring more technical information regarding our API please visit the page: https://bitso.com/api_info#introduction