Fund your Bitso account with a wire transfer

Select SPEI Transfer on the funding page (by means of Mexican pesos MXN)

Activate in the electronic banking of bank of your bank the CLABE number and data that will appear on your screen, and start making transfers. 

It is important to mention that the beneficiary is your personal name and the receiving Bank may vary between this names STP, System of Transfers and Payments, Sist Transf & Transf and Payments. You can also go to the office of your bank and request for your transfer to be made with these data.

These images are only and exclusively for reference purposes.

¡Done! A few seconds after making the transfer from your online bank, such will automatically appear in your Bitso account.

It is not necessary to issue a deposit request, it is not necessary to include a reference or concept of payment (it is optional). Each CLABE is unique and exclusive for each user