As soon as you have Bitcoins in your Bitso account, you may proceed to sell them to obtain Mexican pesos (MXN) for them.

There are two ways to do it:

Quick sale: This means that you will sell your Bitcoins immediately to the best market price. To do so, log in to 

We remind you that this is a market price order, example:


Limited Sale: This means that you will place a sale offer at a price of your choosing and you will wait until another user interested in Purchasing accepts your sale offer; this may take minutes, hours, days or weeks, and depends on how far your price is from the current average price.


When doing so, it will appear as “Blocked in orders” in the Balances box until the transaction is carried out.


If you placed a sale offer and you no longer want it, you can cancel it to unblock the balance destined thereto. More information on how to cancel an active order is available here.