On occasion the funding in cash at convenience stores (such as coppel etc.) may take some time to be credited. This is directly related to the processing speed of the network of the convenience store. Provided that you made your deposit for the exact amount, such will be credited to Bitso as soon as our system receives the deposit confirmation from the store.

You can verify the status of your deposit directly at Comporpago, with the payment ID that we provided you in the e-mail at the time of your deposit form request.

What can I do if the problem persists?

We must wait at least 4 hours before we can make any claim to the Compropago system. If after 4 hours your deposit has not been credited, please contact us by taking a help ticket from our Help Center, selecting the options "Funding Problems" > "Cash (Compro Pago)" > and the subcategory that best works for your problem.

You will immediately receive an e-mail with the necessary requirements, such as deposit ID, and a photograph of your deposit ticket. This will allow us to streamline the process to credit your deposit.

Upon sending these requirements, one of our agents will follow up on your ticket within 24 to 48 hours, keeping you informed of the progress of your request.