If you happen to make a Bitcoin (BTC) transfer to your Bitso account and this does not even appear as “Outstanding Balance”, please contact us by getting a support ticket from our Help Center, selecting the options “Problemas con Retiro/Fondeo” (as applicable) > "Divisas Digitales" > "BTC,ETC,XRP"(as applicable) plus the subcategory which best fits your problem, we suggest you fill in the blank space the following information to speed up your reply.

Your transaction ID on the Blockchain
Your user ID
Exact Amount of Currencies

You may obtain your transaction ID on the Blockchain in the wallet or service from which you sent your Bitcoins. Upon sending this information, our support team will proceed to verify the transaction and will provide you an answer as soon as possible including the reason why your deposit has not been received and a potential solution in that regard.

Once these requirements have been sent, one of our agents will follow up on your ticket within a period from 24 to 48 hours, keeping you informed on the progress of your request.