Funding through the SPEI platform (including debit cards or Transfer) are processed automatically and instantaneously, nevertheless we have detected that some banks delay the transfers for a few minutes or even hours after sending you your transfer certificate.

Remember that third party transfers are not permitted (both accounts must match in the first and last name). Moreover, your account has funding and withdrawal limits according to your account level.

If you are in level 1 you can only fund and withdraw $5,300 pesos per day, in case of being in level 2 the daily limit is $150,000 pesos per day with a limit of $480,000 pesos per month.

If for a time lapse longer than 60 minutes you do not see it reflected in your account, you can check the transfer status in Banxico, entering the following information:

Date: day/month/year


Bank issuing the payment: XXXXXXXX

Bank receiving the payment: STP (system of transfers and payments)


Amount: XXXX MXN

If the problem persists, please contact us by getting a support ticket from our Help Center, selecting the options "Problems with Withdrawal" > "SPEI (Bank Transfer) > plus the subcategory that is most appropriate for your problem.

You will immediately receive an e-mail with the necessary requirements such as user ID, date and exact amount of your withdrawal.

Upon sending these requirements, one of our agents will track your ticket within 24 to 48 hours, keeping you informed of the progress of your request.