Withdrawing Ether (ETH)

You can withdraw the Ether that you have in your Bitso account towards any other wallet, by doing the following:

Go to the withdraw Ether option in your Bitso account at: https://bitso.com/withdrawal/ether

On the displayed page enter

The Ether amount that you wish to withdraw

The Ether address to which you wish to send your Ethers, which is a long chain of alphanumeric characters

Your transaction NIP

Done! If everything was done correctly, your withdrawal will be processed in just a few more moments.

The minimum Ether withdrawal amount is 0.01 ETH. Remember to always send ETH to an ETH account and vice versa, do not send or receive Ethers from Smart Contracts or Tokens sale (ICOs). Bitso will accept no liability for the loss of ETH due to poorly executed transactions.

What is my transaction NIP?