To upgrade to level 3 or to verify your corporate profile you must complete a help ticket specifying the details corresponding to your profile type.


If you are a “Natural” person, you must have transitioned through the previous levels, before requesting to upgrade to Level 3.

If you are a “Legal” entity, you must verify your account as corporate before attempting to fund your wallet.

Steps to start the verification process:

1.-Access our Help Center to get the support Ticket

2.-Select the options:

"Verificación de Cuenta" > "Nivel 3" > plus the subcategories that are most appropriate for your request.

You must be careful at the time of selecting the subcategories, since the templates change depending on your selection.

3.-Minutes thereafter you will receive an e-mail with the instructions and a link where you will be able to download the relevant files.

4.-Complete the templates correctly

5.-Attach the templates and the required documents in response to the e-mail with the instructions that you received.

6.-You need to attach and send them in the same e-mail that you received when you requested them (by simply clicking on “reply”), otherwise your request will be duplicated and will take more time.

Upon sending these requirements, one of our agents will track your ticket within 48 to 72 hours, keeping you informed of the progress of your request.