Foreign Legal Entity

Below you will find the links to download the forms that you must send, taking into account the submission process so that we may receive them properly.


Articles of association of the company

Proof of residence not older than 3 months of the company.

Taxpayer identification number of the company.

Power of attorney of the legal representative.

Official identification of the legal representative.

Proof of residence not older than 3 months of the legal representative.

Taxpayer identification number of the legal representative.

Attached forms properly completed.

Tips to complete the attached forms

In the section “NONPROFIT COMPANIES OR ASSOCIATIONS ONG" you must answer this section only if it applies to your case, otherwise you must leave it blank and go to page 3 out of 9.

In the section “FINAL BENEFICIARIES” it is necessary to attach an identification and proof of residence for each natural Person. Attach the articles of association and the last shareholder structure for each Legal Entity.

In the section “PLD/AML PROGRAMS” you must only answer this section in case of having a program or manual on preventing money laundering (PLD), otherwise you must leave it blank.

In the section “TRANSACTIONAL PROFILE” you must select with an X the option(s) that is most appropriate for your case.  

In the section “AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL TO USE ACCOUNT” you must include images of an official identification and proof of residence, not older than 3 months.

Read carefully the last section. Upon completion, include your signature, name and date.

Tips to send your application correctly

Print the attached forms

Complete them in print (legible) and with blue ink. Remember to complete the spaces in blank exactly as asked in order to speed up the review process.

They must not include any erasures, in order to be reviewed by the relevant area.

Do not send individual images of the sheets, it must be a single file, including all the sheets of the document in PDF format, and must not exceed 15Mb, in case of exceeding these specifications, it may be sent as ZIP.

Remember to send with your forms a Copy/photo of your valid official identification on both sides and Copy/photo of your proof of residence not older than 3 months.

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