To authorize a new device, you must sign in to your Bitso account from the device that you intend to authorize, whether it is a computer, tablet, cell phone, etc. You will receive an email proving an authorization link, which you must open from such device.

See how this is done step by step:

- Upon authorizing your new device, the IP address must also match, please make sure to complete the whole process by connecting to the same Internet Wi-Fi network.
- Sign in to Bitso with your new device, always make sure that you are at the website
- Use your credentials (enter your user ID and password)
- You will see a message to authorize a device, and you will receive a confirmation email to the same email address from which you are writing.

- Check your email inbox, do not forget to check your Spam and Junk folders.
- When you locate this email, click on the green button “Authorize Device”
- If the button in the email that you have received does not work, you may copy and paste the link below the green button, in a new browser window.
- Having done so, you can go back to your cell phone, and sign in again to Bitso with your credentials and you will be able to log in.
- If you do not receive an authorization email, sign in again to receive a new email (this email can take from 5 to 10 minutes).

Remember to consider the following recommendations:

- The email does not arrive immediately, it usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes.
- Upon the receipt of such email, it is useful for 30 minutes, after that time, it will cease being useful and you will have to follow the process.
- Errors associated to IP addresses often occur, therefore, you must be connected to a local WiFi network (do not use mobile data)

- And finally, if nothing happens, you must try the sample process with another browser (Chrome. Firefox or Safari)