To make cash deposits in Oxxo stores via Oxxo Pay, click on the Fund icon, always remember to be in the MXN section.

Select the “CASH DEPOSIT” option online or “Fund via Oxxo” from your app

The fee for this type of funding is 2.6% + VAT on the amount you wish to deposit, this fee is deducted from the total amount of your deposit, plus 10 pesos of the fee corresponding from the convenience store (this fee may change without prior notice).

Go to your nearest Oxxo store and tell the cashier that you will make an “OXXO PAY”. Give him your Oxxo Pay account number and pay in cash to the cashier. Your payment will be reflected in your Bitso account in less than one hour. If you have installed the app, you may use the barcode that appears there or you may use your account number.

The Oxxo Pay account number is unique and personal; this account number will not change. You may fund via Oxxo at any time of the day. These images are only examples.

Do not forget to keep your payment receipt in case for any question or clarification.


Tips for a successful payment:

1.- Remember to check your name before making the payment with the Oxxo cashier, your name must match your registered name on the Bitso platform.

2.- Check that the reference is Bitso on the Oxxo screen.

3.- Your account number will appear in your receipt next to the Word “LLAVE” (KEY)

Should you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us by getting a support ticket from our Help Center, selecting the following options “Problemas con fondeo” > "Efectivo (Oxxo Pay)" > plus the subcategory which best fits your problem.

Once these requirements have been submitted, one of our agents will follow up your ticket within 24 to 48 hours, during which time you will be informed on the progress of your request.