We want you to trade and feel completely comfortable using Bitso Alpha

Slippage happens when there is not enough liquidity to fill your order. Your order can get partially or completely filled at a higher or lower price than you were originally anticipating. 

We don't want this, and surely neither do you. So we've put some protection in place by adding warnings whenever you attempt to place an order that could have more than 5% of slippage from the last price. This seeks to prevent losses while making a trade and is helpful when traders have typos or errors while entering prices or amounts. It is important to note that the warning won’t disable your ability to place the order and that if an order is executed and suffers slippage, the user is responsible for it. 

Market orders are usually prone to slippage, if you don't want to experiment shifts in prices we invite you to learn more about limit orders.

Trading has many risks, please please read our risk disclaimer here.