1. First, verify that the CURP you are entering is correct. To do this, click here

2. If your CURP is correct and  the error persists, most likely a temporary error. The most likely situation is that RENAPO (Dirección General del Registro Nacional de Población e Identidad de México) is experiencing problems with its system. This means that we cannot, at this time, verify your CURP.

It is probably that our system shows you the following message:

We suggest you wait 24 hours, until the RENAP system is back online. Since this is a system administered and maintained by the Government of Mexico, Bitso does not have any control over its functioning. 

Manually verification of a CURP will also not be possible when RENAPO is down, which leaves no other option besides waiting. 

After 24 hours you can login to your account again and click here to enter your CURP again. 

3. In the unlikely case that after 48 hours the system still won’t let you verify your CURP, and you are sure it is correct, please send us a message via the ticket system. Click here to open a ticket.

NOTE: For the security of your account, please don’t attach personal documents to the ticket.