Did you create a Bitso account years ago with another email? Our system detects that the CURP you tried to register already exists. Therefore, we’re unable to register another account with the same CURP.  It goes against our Terms of Use (clause fourteen) to allow users to create or operate more than one account with the same CURP. Don’t worry, we’ll find a solution for you.

Click here to create and send a support ticket. In Request Type, choose: Delete Account. In the text field: "Describe your problem or request", send the following information:

A. The email of the account that will remain active.

B. Confirm that the account to be closed does not have a balance. If the account does have a balance and you do not have access, please let us know and we’ll help you solve it.

C. The answer to the following questions in the same order:

1. What do you use your Bitso wallet for?

2. How many wallets do you have on Bitso? Include the name these wallets are registered under.

3. Does any third party manage your Bitso wallet?

4. How many devices do you use to access your Bitso account?

5. Do you log into Bitso using someone else's device?

6. Does anyone other than you access Bitso using your device?

7. Do any other people use your Bitso wallet and know your passwords?

8. Are you involved in any investment scheme with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? If yes, please indicate which ones.

9. Do you use another Crypto exchange or wallet? If yes, please indicate which

10. Did someone else help you open your account or know your passwords?

In approximately 48 business hours, one of our advisors will send you an email confirming that the duplicate account(s) were successfully deleted. After you’ve received that email, you’ll be able to enter your CURP in the active account and continue using it normally.