The easiest way to deactivate your 2 factor authentication is via your account. If that didn’t work, don’t worry, our support team will help you to deactivate the 2FA from your account.

Before you Start

If you can still login to your account using your 2FA app, you can go to settings and turn it off

If you have your emergency code, you can use that to turn off the 2FA security.

You can also follow the next steps and we will help you via a support ticket. 

How to create a ticket to deactivate your 2FA security

To protect your funds from unauthorized access, we ask you to upload proof of identity to your account. 

We cannot accept these pictures via email, you must upload them directly to your account. We will send you a link by email to do so. 

1. Create a Help Center Ticket using the following options:

Fill out your email and full name as registered with your account.

Select the following options: 

I want to disable 2FA from my account

No, I don’t have my emergency token

Request a manual deactivation

You can write us a kind message in the description, or else just tell us why you would like to deactivate your 2FA security

Using these exact options allows the system to send you an automated message with a link to upload your documents. 

If any of the information does not match your account, we will still receive your ticket and reply with a manually generated link. We will still be able to help you, however, it might take some more time. 

2. Upload the documents to your account

If the information filled out corresponds to your Bitso account, you will receive an automated message via email. In it you will find a link that allows you to upload the following documents:

  1. Picture of your ID, both sides if applicable
  2. Selfie with that same ID

If, when clicking on the link, the system asks you for your 2FA code; it means you first need to log out. Please visit and then click on the link again. 

Please keep in mind:

  • We need a picture of your ID and we cannot accept scans or photocopies
  • Selecting the right ID allows you to upload one picture of each side
  • You need to take the selfie with the same ID as you uploaded before

3. We will contact you to confirm the deactivation

Within 24 to 48 hours you will receive an email from us either confirming the deactivation, or with further instructions.

Next Steps

2 factor security login is key to maintaining your account safe. We strongly recommend you to activate it again as soon as possible.