Although we process most deposits and withdrawals automatically, For a very small percentage of transactions we will need to do a manual validation, and we depend on information from our provider to do so. We receive this information only during business days.

Unfortunately, this means that any deposits or withdrawals outside business days that are not processed automatically, can be delayed in being confirmed. 

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, and our engineers are working hard to eliminate this issue. 

Why is my transaction taking so long?

We only have access to the information we need after 24 hours on business days. This means that during business days the reconciliation will happen within 2 days.

Unfortunately, during weekends and holidays, if your transaction is one of the few that we could not process automatically, there can be a longer delay.

Even if you send two transactions are done almost at the same time, from the same bank, it can happen that one arrives without issue, and the other one will need manual validation. 

If your bank can provide you with the COELSA ID, we might locate your transaction sooner. This is not necessary, even without it, we will find your transaction 24 hours after the weekend or holiday is over.

COELSA ID is an alphanumeric code that Banks use to identify transactions. Most banks do not send you this ID with the confirmation, but often if you call your bank they will give it to you. 

Upcoming holidays and their processing times 

Transaction dayProcessing day

Transaction day
Processing day
7th December10th December
8th December
10th December
25th December
29th December

What can I do if this happens to me?

If your bank is willing to give you the COELSA ID, you can let us know via a ticket. In that case, we will only need your email, and the COELSA ID.

If you do not have the COELSA ID and your transaction is delayed during the weekend or an official holiday, we kindly ask you to wait until 24 hours after the first working day. You should see your transaction reflected successfully in your Bitso account after that time.

 In the unlikely case that we have not completed your transaction after that time, you can write us a ticket with the following information:

Name of your bank

The exact amount

The date of the transaction

Confirmation ID

Please also add screenshots of the official confirmation from your bank. 

¿How to get a support ticket?